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Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers Company in India

Consistent with BTPL’s policy of constant innovation and investment and ramping up of our infrastructure, we regularly invest in new technology and equipment.

Our plastic injection molding Manufacturers includes 35 injection molding machines including two state of the art high precision all electric machines as well. The range begins from 45 tons to 1500 tons of clamping force. Some of the these machines have been equipped with robotic arms to increase efficiency and reduce the error margins besides reduction in the cycling.

Over the past few years, we have invested millions of Rupees in new plastic injection molding machines, automation, robotics and other equipment and systems to assure quality, increase capacity and add new capabilities. These investments included several all-electric molding presses, which are quieter, cleaner and more energy efficient than hydraulic presses.

Plastic Injection Molding Company in India

Renowned as a blue-chip plastic component manufacturer India, BindalTechnopolymer Private Limited (BTPL) is a cutting-edge production unit with an outstanding reputation. Equipped with a futuristic manufacturing infrastructure, our engineers produce impeccably customized plastic products to meet the requirements of modern living.

Being one of the globally acclaimed injection molding manufacturers in India, we take pride in serving several Fortune 500 companies across diverse sectors over the years. Automotive, electrical, and medical are some of the predominant industries relying on our product efficiency, precision, and high-end performance. Counted among the premier plastic injection molding manufacturers, BTPL assures product quality because we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. 

Every product is individually tested at the various manufacturing stages to ensure you receive the highest quality products with sturdy designs, superior dimension precision, and prolonged service life. Constantly working towards employing innovative tools and techniques, we are dedicated to becoming the most credible plastic injection molding company in Noida

In the pursuit of seeking knowledge, skill development, and machine operation, the passionate engineers at BTPL believe in amelioration and modernization. Hence, we utilize robotics and automation to procure unfathomable results. We ensure, every time, we come up with new ideas and introduce transformation as one of the benchmark plastic mold manufacturers in Noida.

Molding Meets Technology

BindalTechnopolymer Private Limited focuses on rapid prototyping and fabricating plastic parts for OEMs and ODMs. Our customized products are precisely designed to retain exceptional precision, tolerance, and material consistency. As a notable tool manufacturing company in India, we ensure the implementation of state-of-the-art equipment accompanied by the highest standard of raw materials. 

With a complete in-house production infrastructure including the finest engineers in the industry, we, as eminent plastic injection mold manufacturers in Noida are capable of producing a wide array of plastic components for commercial and residential purposes. At BTPL, we possess energy-efficient hydraulic presses and robotic arms for faster production, increased efficiency, and ruling out flaws.

Living in an era of Industry 4.0, we can hardly miss out on the revolutionary opportunity of automation! Thus, our competent crew have effectively integrated technology into the production process to outrank other injection molding companies in Noida

Today, BindalTechnopolymer Private Limited has become the first choice as a stellar injection molding manufacturers Noida. Countless global tie-ups and a loyal clientele inspire us to upgrade and never give up the quest to explore and grow!

Injection Molding Manufacturer (FAQs)

As a full-service plastic molding company in Noida, at BindalTechnopolymer Private Limited, we propose comprehensive solutions for manufacturing fully functional and customized parts. We have licensed and experienced experts specializing in the design, development, production, assembly, and packaging of products. Using innovative tools and fully-automated machines, we manufacture precise plastic molded parts for OEMs and ODMs.

Plastic injection molding is a highly advanced manufacturing process offering optimal precision and design accuracy. Additionally, the versatility in material selection and geometry dimension makes it ideal for manufacturing parts and components demanding tight tolerance with intricate fabrication. So, the product design, production volume, tooling requirements, and budget are the significant factors to consider in choosing injection molding for your project.

As one of the predominant plastic injection molding manufacturers for over three decades, we use an extensive variety of thermoplastic polymers for injection molding. To meet the exacting needs of distinctive products, our commonly used resins are PPCP, PC, PA66, copolymer, and homopolymer.

When we work on a project, our initial step involves the design evaluation of the product. We then create the mold for the injection molded part. It is followed by material selection that will meet the design and functional requirements of the product. Next, we will put the mold in the injection press and feed resin pellets into the mold. The resin is heated to its melting point, which acquires the shape of the mold. Finally, the solid product is extracted after it cools and solidifies. The final product undergoes multiple quality checks.

Typically, an injection mold can be reused hundreds to millions of times depending on the handling of the mold and the maintenance of the injection press machine. Being one of the dedicated plastic injection mold manufacturers in Noida, we at BindalTechnopolymer Private Limited ensure the proper care and maintenance of all equipment to prolong their longevity and efficiency.

Each plastic injection molding cycle can take anywhere between two seconds to two minutes.

Yes, we propose seconding manufacturing and finishing services because we are a full-service plastic molding company in Noida. These services include pad printing, screen printing, assembly, pressure die casting, and packaging.

Overview of Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers Manufacturer Tonnage Location Shot (kg) Mould Size in mm (Min. – Max)
1. Jonwai 1500 G.Noida 4.00 600 – 1550
2. Haitian 1000 G.Noida 4.50 420 – 1000
3. Milacron 850 G.Noida 4.00 300 – 1100
4. Milacron 850 G.Noida 4.00 300 – 1100
5. Milacron 775 Gagret 4.00 300 – 1050
6. Milacron 775 Gagret 4.00 300 – 1050
7. Dakota 780 G.Noida 3.50 400 – 980
8. Jonwai 750 G.Noida 3.50 500 – 1000
9. PASL 660 Gagret 3.20 300 – 1100
10. Huarong 620 G.Noida 2.20 400 – 900
11. Hundai 550 Gagret 2.00 300 – 750
12. JSW 550 G.Noida 1.50 400 – 900
13. ESM 500 G.Noida 1.70 300 – 750
14. Kawa Guchi 360 G.Noida 0.70 350 – 650
15. Kawa Guchi 360 G.Noida 0.70 350 – 650
16. Kawa Guchi 360 G.Noida 0.70 350 – 650
17. Battenfeld 320 G.Noida 1.00 280 – 680
18. Windsor 300 G.Noida 1.50 300 – 700
19. Kawa Guchi 280 G.Noida 0.60 300 – 600
20. Nessie 260 G.Noida 0.40 230 – 450
21. Milacron 250 G.Noida 1.00 250 – 600
22. Milacron 250 G.Noida 1.00 250 – 600
23. Haitian 200 G.Noida 0.30 200 – 550
24. Haxing 200 G.Noida 0.50 200 – 550
25. Ferromatik 200 G.Noida 0.70 250 – 600
26. Yizumi 200 G.Noida 0.35 180 – 520
27. Kawa Guchi 180 G.Noida 0.25 190 – 400
28. Kawa Guchi 180 G.Noida 0.25 190 – 400
29. Jonwai 180 G.Noida 0.40 280 – 500
30. API 160 G.Noida 0.20 150 – 500
31. API 160 G.Noida 0.20 150 – 500
32. L&T 125 G.Noida 0.70 140 – 450
33. JSW 100 G.Noida 0.15 200 – 490
34. OPTIMA 90 G.Noida 0.10 150 – 350
35. Dynaquip 40 G.Noida 0.10 120 – 350
36. Welish 50 G.Noida 0.40 200 – 550
37. Welish 50 G.Noida 0.40 200 – 550