Insert Moulding

Insert Moulding

Highly Engineered Plastic Injection Molding to Meet Exacting Standards

Bindal Technopolymer Private Limited (BTPL) one of the leading plastic molding companies in North India, has established a strong reputation for the successful engineering and manufacture of precision molded plastic parts and components for OEM buyers.

In addition to conventional molding, we have unique expertise in the design, engineering, and production of parts and components that require advanced tool designs and must be produced to exacting standards, including:

  • Complex, insert-molded components
  • Tight-tolerance (+/- .05 mm) parts

Call it our core competencies or specializations, Insert molding remains our strength.

Our insert molding includes but is not limited to lead terminals for battery casings, thread brass inserts for Fans and Evaporative coolers, Brass Inserts for Water Purifier membranes.

Our capabilities include manual and use of robotic arms for placing of inserts. Feeder Bowls, Vertical and Rotary table. Robotic arms are used for picking and placing of the components molded.