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Forward-thinking solutions for Plastics Manufacturing

Consistent with Bindal technopolymer Private Limited’s (BTPL’s) focus on quality and innovation, our drive to invest in new technology excels efficiency in the manufacturing process.
Modern technology remains at the heart of manufacturing at BTPL. With a founding principle of continuous improvement, which translates into continuous upgradation of equipment installed to design and manufacture tools and implement various advancements in techniques and knowledge BTPL has remained as one of the early adopters of modern technology and advancement in equipment from time to time.
This advantage automatically gets translated into increased revenues for our end customers and helps them in remaining competitive in today’s market. This has resulted in technology remaining at the core of our growth.

Technology is in our company’s name. Our business was founded on a commitment of continuous improvement, which means always advancing equipment, processes and knowledge. BTPL has been one of the pioneers to engage automation for insert molding applications for Battery Lid molds, which were subsequently ramped up to a twin cavity tool after tasting success, thus increasing the productivity.

Having embraced ERP system for planning, procurement, purchase, manufacturing and supply chain modules, BTPL offers a completely professional ecosystem in its dealings with customers who also have access to real time information and thus reducing unnecessary dependence on human resources.

BTPL now boasts of two all electric machines of 180 tons which greatly enhance our ability to produce plastic parts with extremely high precision and also offer considerable energy savings.

BTPL has been investing a lot of resources into automation, new ancillary equipment and new technologies. This has been done in order to have exacting precision in the dimensions, aesthetics and mechanical properties of the components and also to better the efficiency.

BTPL employs robotic technology from Switek Inc of the PRC.

After initial success in the robotic installation the scale is now being ramped up to cover almost half of our installed machines with insert molding requirements. This will ensure that mistake proofing is achieved and increase the efficiency considerably.